The Painting

This painting of the Labyrinth of the Mind gives a definitive visual representation of the journey to achieve true power and completion of our own sovereignty.

With the subjective experience of our own lostness, we enter the Labyrinth and encounter often double-edged (as in the Excalibur) choices that drive our experiences. Moving through the effects of our emotional, societal and cultural archetypes we understand and embody our own development. Upon receiving the crown at the Tree of Life, we can joyfully re-journey outward again for contrasting experiences to bring further clarity as we continue to achieve and validate our ascended position.The Labyrinth PaintingThe Labyrinth Painting
48″ x 60″ Oil on Belgian linen with gold leaf


Deeper and hidden meanings uncovered in The Labyrinth Painting in a two part audio discussion with Bob Dobbs and Virginia Gunther.

July 24, 2013
Bob Dobbs, Virginia Gunther and Sheila Kern
The Labyrinth Painting Discussion Part 1:

July 31, 2013

Bob Dobbs, Virginia Gunther and Sheila Kern
The Labyrinth Painting Discussion Part 2a:

July 31, 2013
Bob Dobbs, Virginia Gunther and Sheila Kern
The Labyrinth Painting Discussion Part 2b:

Bob DobbsBob Dobbs
has had an impressive history on radio beginning on October 1, 1984, when he appeared on CKLN-FM’s “Word of Mouth” hosted by Chris Twomey. Bob’s on-going, elastic, optimistic, eternal performance on the radio made Bob’s style of counter-culture intelligence and media ecology so trendy he inadvertently gave SLACK a professional status and became the scourge of the Church of the SubGenius. However impressive those accomplishments are, until recently Bob would have most erroneously been underestimated as a prolific archivist and curator of all things McLuhan-esque. Armed with his own intellect the length of a thousand football fields, Probe-Artist Extraordinaire Bob Dobbs has succeeded in going light years beyond what McLuhan proposed to develop a theosophy of his own: a Five Bodied model of life, art, and the causes/effects of the electronic environment as well as the subsequent anti-dote to all that ails us in RnA Drops.

In late 2007, Bob Dobbs took on the radio monicker Bob Neveritt and joined James Martinez on Achieve Radio’s counter-culture classic radio show Cash Flow. In 2009, Bob was joined by his wife, Dr. Carolyn Dean, and iON, to dazzle and delight listeners and consumers. Bob holds court on Payday on Achieve Radio every Saturday at 5PM PST. He graciously invites the public to join him for these weekly on-air conference calls.

Ginney GuntherGinney Gunther is a highly respected and sought after pastor, life-coach and human potential advocate whose inspiring and effective approach has helped thousand of individuals, families, and organizations achieve balance, well-being and success.
As a life coach and spiritual leader, Ginney is endorsed by her clients and customers as having the unique capacity and ability to coach and facilitate the self-realization process by empowering individuals with the personal enhancement tools they require to create powerful and effective ways of thinking, feeling, behaving and relating to others.  
In 2011, after nearly two decades of working with individuals and companies, Ginney turned her attention to the premise, proposition and propensity of the RnA Drops product and began to offer information about this emerging technology to her existing client base with powerful results. 
Today, Ginney is the host of The Wednesday Show on Achieve Radio, a 3-hour internet radio broadcast that explores the impact of RnA Drops on the process of creativity, personal accomplishment and human evolution.  Also on Achieve Radio, she is the co-host of the popular and weekly Dr. Carolyn Dean Live.






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